Business efficiency technologies and services

eeTEQ offers expertise-driven solutions to help your business to save costs and improve productivity, whether through process improvements, adoption of green technologies or simply paying closer attention to the detail.

Our business operates under four banners:



eeTEQ water – We have significant experience in helping organisations to reduce their water costs, initially by ensuring their billing is correct. We work to prepare evidence to address anomalies, whether regarding non-return to sewer, trade effluent or other charges. We have worked with organisations of all sizes, including many big brand organisations, on this front.


eeTEQ energy – We help save costs by adopting more efficient heating and lighting technology and also work with renewable energy partners. This is delivered via a semi-consulting framework whereby we undertake the groundwork and develop cost-saving calculations to support decision making, then manage the installation process. With some excellent government incentives, projects can work out cost neutral or cash positive from day one.


eeTEQ monitoring & compliance – Timely data and business intelligence sits at the heart of a successful cost saving or process improvement initiative and we provide radio data transmitter-receiver technology and software to centralise this information and provide reports and alerts to allow you to focus on what’s important. Our industrial “Internet of Things (IoT)” technology has potential to add value in a host of situations.


eeTEQ innovation – At our heart is a capacity for problem solving and we are not afraid to be creative in our approach. We have worked with a range of organisations on wide-ranging problems, from business optimisation initiatives, to product development and knowledge management initiatives, to market alignment initiatives, where our understanding of both technology and business has had an important part to play.


As an independent business, we are able to take an innovative and flexible approach to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients. Where necessary, we can tap into our extensive network of partners, recognising that expertise and know-how is all around us but not necessarily all in the same place (if you are a technology or service provider with relevant interests then we would be very happy to have a conversation).

Please contact us to discuss your requirements, we would be very happy to help.

Office: 01275 390569

Mobile hotline: 0772 5242115