About us

About eeTEQ

eeTEQ was formed in 2012 as a provider of flexible management support services to early-stage and SME-scale industrial technology and engineering businesses. Our offering has subsequently grown to include cost and environment-saving technologies and services centred around utility savings and monitoring solutions, with relevance to organisations of all sizes.

Ultimately our business is about helping you to do better, by helping you to save costs, to improve your processes and improve productivity. Our team have prior experience in a variety of sectors, including aerospace, energy, mining equipment, oil and gas technology, water, food and process technology, and manufacturing – we come from a background where analytical thinking and innovation is a day to day activity, with experience in applying this in a variety of contexts. Not only do we understand engineering and technology, we also understand business, with experience from R&D, product development and intellectual property management, through to market research, opportunity identification and analysis, to business development.

Combining technical and management credentials we are able to see the wood for the trees, understand your business situation, and identify and deliver best in class solutions.

What we do

Who we work with

Our vision and our values

We share the vision of many, of a prosperous, world class, environmentally sensitive and sustainable UK. Great strides are being made in a number of areas, but we believe there are significant further opportunities.

Our experience is that most organisations are focused on the here and now, along with short to medium-term strategy around core offerings. However, a plethora of less prominent considerations can add up to eat away at overall business performance and profitability. Our mission is to help businesses to excel by providing access to on-demand expertise, services and solutions to address these challenges.

We have a strong professional ethic believing in doing what’s right for all stakeholders, with consideration also for the environment.

How we work

Everything starts with a conversation. We like to engage, to understand your business, your aspirations and your challenges. Where we can’t help, we may know someone who can.

For utility cost-saving solutions, we aim to be clear and transparent and present information to you in the best way to support decision making. Where capital costs are involved, we will give our best advice on potential payback times and investment returns.

For consultancy services, we understand that every business is different, calling for an individually tailored approach. Often, the answers already lie within your organisation but just need teasing out, structuring and formulating into plans and actions. This may come from a combination of dialogue with you and your team and analysis of business data. We aim to be clear and transparent about our proposals and will regularly report on progress and next steps. Our terms of service are flexible, depending upon activity scope, level of uncertainty and timescales.