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Wireless real-time monitoring & compliance technology and software

At the heart of a successful utility saving, process monitoring or compliance tracking initiative is ready access to not only data but business intelligence. We help our clients by offering plug and play hardware and software solutions to give real-time insights into what’s happening, at what location, at what time.

The system uses wireless radio-data transmitter technology, coupled with a configurable web-based display and reporting portal to deliver not only data but business intelligence. Using ultra long-life batteries (5-10 year life), transmitters can be strategically placed without the need for hard wiring, allowing data to be relayed to a central access point with minimal intervention. This could be to capture and centralise data across different points across a site, or across several sites.


The scope for cost savings is enormous, whether due to better targeted utility saving initiatives, elimination of manual meter reading or compliance testing requirements, or perhaps improvement to the delivery or reliability of an industrial process, where condition monitoring may be relevant, or where for example, downtime could be extremely costly.

How it works

The basic elements of the system include radio data (RF) transmitters, connected to suitability specified instrumentation, along with Gateway or Gateways (depending on the size of the site and any obstructions) and a central, cloud based data access portal.
The radio data transmitters collect data from the various monitoring points and transmit this to the nearest Gateway, from which it is transferred to the cloud at regular intervals, or can alternatively link directly into a local server. A single Gateway can handle data from 10’s to 100’s of transmitters, providing it is within transmission range. Direct line of site range can be up to 15km.
Once in the cloud, data is processed and presented in a user accessible data access portal, whereby it can me manipulated to deliver business intelligence displays, reports, alerts and other notifications. While most common applications are served by a range of pre-developed dashboards, the dashboard view is fully customisable to meet user requirements.


Implementation of automated temperature and compliance monitoring for a major food services provider, eliminating previous inefficient & unreliable manual recording systems
Implementation of a legally conformant utility metering system across a tenanted commercial building, allowing actual-use based billing & targeted efficiency interventions, yielding <2 year ROI
Implementation of utility monitoring systems across a major retail chain, improving consumption visibility, resulting in 32% electricity and 35% gas usage and cost savings
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