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Energy saving solutions: heating, lighting and renewables

Energy costs continue to rise yet there are several opportunities to save money. Working with partners, we are able to offer a range of energy saving technologies, including renewable energy heating systems, energy efficient lighting (LED), solar PV installations and solar street/car park lighting.

The low hanging fruit of energy savings is energy efficient lighting – it is relatively low cost, quick and easy to install and has a long lifetime. Energy savings can be up to 80% compared to conventional lighting, resulting in very attractive paybacks. With optional financing it can be possible to achieve cost-neutrality from day one. Beyond cost savings, LED lighting produces a better and more natural light than conventional fittings. Designs are computer-optimised to ensure the best outcome.


Renewable energy heating systems, including biomass boilers and ground and air source heat pumps (effectively extracting heat energy from the environment), are both cost-effective and environment-sensitive. With Government Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments added in, returns on investment can be significant. Many of these systems also qualify under the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme, allowing costs to be written off against profits in the year or purchase.

At the centre of our process is the audit and cost report, designed to ease the process of decision-making for the client by presenting not only project costs but investment opportunity.

eeTEQ’s renewable energy systems, including solar PV, are delivered through partners.

The process

At the centre of our process is the cost-saving analysis report. In order to prepare this, we first need to understand your situation, undertaking a comprehensive site audit to enable short-listing of technical solutions and establishment of specifications.
Unless there are any particular technical constraints, we find that the best outcome generally comes through a ‘clean slate’ approach. So for example, for LED lighting retrofit projects, we recommend complete lighting system redesign and refit, rather than fitting-by-fitting replacement with LED, which might save costs on new wiring infrastructure but will not deliver optimal energy efficiency; this is because LED fittings produce brighter light than conventional fittings, and so less fittings will be required to produce the same amount of light. Despite this, many less competent installers still incorrectly offer ‘direct replacement’ installations. Lighting designs are prepared to meet CIBSE standards based on type of use of the workspace.
On completion of the site audit and report preparation, we will present our findings in a way that you can understand, in order to support decision making for next steps. Following project go-ahead, we will manage and deliver installation, accordingly following robust procedures, method statements and risk assessments.
As part of our monitoring and compliance package we can also offer near real-time, centralised web portal based tracking of your energy usage as well as energy assets, helping you to focus your energy saving initiatives as well as letting you know when there’s a problem.


Design and installation of new lighting for a manufacturing plant, yielding an estimated 70% energy cost saving and providing an improved working environment for the production team
Specification and installation of a new biomass heating system for a community building, yielding significant cost savings and providing access to 20-year renewable heating incentive payments
Audit of energy saving opportunities for a nursing home, leading to new lighting system design and refit, provided in conjunction with project finance, producing a cash flow neutral outcome from day one
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